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Doorway Pull Up System

A perfect way to get build strength, agility, improve performance and do Crossfit style training, without having to go to the gym. Perfect for these crazy times! Check out what Ben from WODPREP has to say!

Train Anywhere

Warrior Shed™ fitness products allow you to easily train anywhere-- from home, your local park, your gym or when you travel.

Build Power & Strength

Maximize power, athletic ability and build serious strength with body weight focused training.

Warrior Shed Training Packs

One pack provides all you need to Master your strength & your workout. Master pull ups, muscle ups, back strength, core strength, lower body strength & more! Best part? You can do it all from home. #noexcuses


The Complete Pull Up Bar Training System

The Warrior Shed™ Pro Pack includes all that you need for a full body workout. Our sleek straight pull up bar, all natural wooden gymnastic ring set and our resistance/assistance band set (4 training bands with 4 different tension levels). Master your workout with this complete system.


The Gym Ring Training System

Gymnastic Rings are one of the best tools for developing complete upper body and core strength and control. All you need is a bar to attach to. Attach rings to the Warrior Shed™ Pull Up Bar and go! Build Upper Body, Lower Body & Core Strength.

The POWER pack

The Power Training System

The Power System includes our sleek, high performance straight pull up bar and training band set. Our band set includes four band each with different tension levels. Use the band with the bar to learn to master pull ups or to use for hundreds of different exercises including strength training, mobility training and stretching.

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