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Warrior Shed™ Pull Up Band (50-80lb)

Product image 1Warrior Shed™ Pull Up Band (50-80lb)
Product image 2Warrior Shed™ Pull Up Band (50-80lb)
Product image 3Warrior Shed™ Pull Up Band (50-80lb)

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The Warrior Shed™ Purple Pull Up Assist/Resistance Band (50-80lb) is a thicker band that offers more tension to aid in pull ups, chin ups and muscle ups, and more tension for resistance, stretch and mobility exercises.

Bands act as a spotter for pulls ups and to assist in doing pull ups on your own. Develop an effective-strength training workout at home, at the office, on the road, at your local park and even the gym.

Use two resistance bands (double up bands) to double the force. You can use two bands of the same color (tension) or different colors (tensions).

  • Use Bands to offset your body weight and make pull ups and chin ups easier. 
  • Use Bands to build strength in all areas of the body with resistance focused exercises.
  • Use Bands to assist in stretching. Deepen your stretch, increase flexibility and stretch properly for your body.
  • Combine Bands (double up) to offer additional resistance or assistance in pushing out those last few pull ups.
Product Specifications:

Material: Natural Latex Rubber 

Band Color Band Level Band Resistance Band Dimensions
Red Light 15-25lbs 41" x .5" x .18"
Black Medium 25-50lbs 41" x .9" x .18"
Purple Heavy 50-80lbs 41" x 1.25" x .18"
Green Extra Heavy 100-120lbs 41"x 1.77" x .18"



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